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latex preview

AMPC 14 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago 5
Add ability to preview the PDF output of LaTeX files/other syntaxes which comply with the Developer Agreement for compiling code.
Here's the relevant part of the developer agreement:

"An Application may not download or install executable code. Interpreted code may only be used in an Application if all scripts, code and interpreters are packaged in the Application and not downloaded. The only exception to the foregoing is scripts and code downloaded and run by Apple's built-in WebKit framework."

You also have to remember that everything has to be in the same binary. So, for example, GPLed code can't be included.

IMHO the only feasable way would be to have the compiler/tool run on a server (see http://feedback.textasticapp.com/feedback/7730-remote-source-code-compilation/).
I am quite comfortable editing latex documents with Textastic, and would like to see an option to compile documents remotely. I like the way Tex Touch does: Let user download a small program in his/her machine watching for file change. When the Tex file is updated, it automatically compile it, so that Tex touch will download the PDF to iPad . I tested the program wiith Textastic and it works just fine too. However, a formal feature like this from Testastic is Moore desirable.
Have you considered an HTML output (similar to the Markdown preview?) so that you can preview formatting and equations?

Amazing program BTW!
Please, take a look at Pandoc:
it is very powerful markup-formats converter, which may be handy for such tasks. 
Also, online version may be useful: http://johnmacfarlane.net/pandoc/try

A couple of apps have appeared that offer some very compelling local typesetting for LaTeX documents, namely Texpad en Tex Writer. Both seem to be based on different principles, though the end results are the same. Both approaches avoid the need to keep servers in the air for remote compiling and it works perfectly fine for the majority of documents. Nevertheless, none of these apps come anywhere near the usability of Textastic in terms of, well, editing and sharing the actual files :).