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Face it guys: It ain't gonna happen. More than two years of begging... This leads nowhere... (Oldest comment by Sergey Stukov is 2 years old)

I had the exact same problem. The solution worked like a charm.
Well, since we want to use it from within Textastic, the interface of the website doesn't matter. I suggested because it supports way more languages.
Don't get me wrong. I don't say we don't need SFTP capabilities in Textastic. It sure would help a lot. It'd make compiling complete projects on a server a lot easier. But again, IDEOne is not for compiling projects. It's for quickly testing an algorithm or something like that. That's why I'd love to see it in textastic - NOT for compiling complete projects.

I think this discussion about the pros and cons about how and what to compile on external services is a little out of place at this little support/feature request forum. If you want to further discuss it, please DM @joedemo42 on Twitter and I'll send you my e-mail adress.
I don't see why having a dropbox CLIENT would make your server more insecure than the server daemons you already run on it do. It's just a client. Nothing accessible via the internet.
ideone is not for compiling complex projects, but for fast testing of algorithms and stuff like that in more than 40 different languages without having to install something anywhere. SSH support would for sure allow you to copy the stuff over to your server and compile it there. But once Textastic gains Dropbox support you wouldn't need SSH support in Textastic for compiling stuff. Install a dropbox client on your server and start the compilation via iSSH. Job done.
I would love to see that in Textastic. It'd make this awesome editor even better. I use it a lot via the rather clumsy Code2Go app to roughly sketch and test algorithms and stuff like that on the go. It's also nice to play around with some programming languages that you normally don't use.
I'd definitely opt for number 3. All others introduce too much hassle in managing files.