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Remote source code compilation (ideone.com)

Matthew Cheok 13 years ago updated by Gairlochan 9 years ago 21 4 duplicates
In app source code compilation and viewing of console results using ideone.com API. Convenient for testing of simple bits of source code.
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That would be a pretty cool feature!
I would love to see that in Textastic. It'd make this awesome editor even better. I use it a lot via the rather clumsy Code2Go app to roughly sketch and test algorithms and stuff like that on the go. It's also nice to play around with some programming languages that you normally don't use.
I played around a bit with ideone.com, but it was quite slow to respond.

I tried to compile a piece of C# source code I had lying around, but it didn't have the Windows Forms assemblies as it uses the Mono compiler. So it was pretty useless for C#.

For things like PHP or Python it might look different though.

Currently, I'm not quite convinced that it would be a really useful feature.

I thought I can use it as a way to check the syntax of files without actually running the code.
It works well and is extremely useful in the 3 iPad apps CodeToGo, C Language and Coder. At the moment, as I mentioned in my email to you, I'm having to enter and edit text in Textastic and  repeatedly copy and paste it into one of these apps in order to compile it, over and over again with every little change. This is very tedious, as I'm sure you can imagine. I  Hope you change your mind about it not being a really useful feature. I don't know why it didn't work well for you but, from within those apps which I mentioned, it has always worked very well for me.

Best, Lachlan
True while UI testing is probably not ideal for this feature, it will still be cool to be able test various algorithms on the go.
do support SSH. then be able to compile your application as you wish.
ideone is not for compiling complex projects, but for fast testing of algorithms and stuff like that in more than 40 different languages without having to install something anywhere. SSH support would for sure allow you to copy the stuff over to your server and compile it there. But once Textastic gains Dropbox support you wouldn't need SSH support in Textastic for compiling stuff. Install a dropbox client on your server and start the compilation via iSSH. Job done.
Dropbox on server == big-big backdoor for hackers ;)
I don't see why having a dropbox CLIENT would make your server more insecure than the server daemons you already run on it do. It's just a client. Nothing accessible via the internet.
you know exactly what do this client? at 100%?
it's a long story .. such as this http://forums.dropbox.com/topic.php?id=3107
and often company policy does not allow to put the closed source software on the server ..

and what a strange place if the client has proved over the years Secure Shell.
which is practically everywhere. need ftp? there. called sftp

want to connect to your home machine and edit a few files? no problem with SSH. as you suggest, first connect via iSSH copy Dropbox, open Textastic, download files, edit and upload back, then open iSSH, and burn the files back. Why?

better because: opened Textastic, set the path ssh://username@server.ip:/home/username/project and cache files to ipad. after you edit the clicked Sync and all the updated files uploaded to the server. Simple?
I like Dropbox but it is more convenient.
Don't get me wrong. I don't say we don't need SFTP capabilities in Textastic. It sure would help a lot. It'd make compiling complete projects on a server a lot easier. But again, IDEOne is not for compiling projects. It's for quickly testing an algorithm or something like that. That's why I'd love to see it in textastic - NOT for compiling complete projects.

I think this discussion about the pros and cons about how and what to compile on external services is a little out of place at this little support/feature request forum. If you want to further discuss it, please DM @joedemo42 on Twitter and I'll send you my e-mail adress.
Well, I sure find it interesting :)
Or codepad.org support - same thing, but codepad has a less cluttery interface.
Well, since we want to use it from within Textastic, the interface of the website doesn't matter. I suggested ideone.com because it supports way more languages.
I'm definitely a proponent of some kind of remote source compilation/validation. What I'm looking for is some sort of lint option to validate syntax, I'm not necessarily in need of compiling code and actually running - I just want to make sure I did make a stupid mistake. I would suggest considering this as a feature, but weigh your service options and stick with what's fast and efficient and which service is willing to work with you. I would also recommend making this optional and unobtrusive to the workflow of Textastic. Keep up the great work!
Yeah, a way to check for syntax errors would be pretty cool. Maybe I could create my own service for that.
First of all, great app. I'm learning a few new languages and it's nice to be able to jot down code on my ipad as i go along. However if my syntax could be checked from within the app that would be awesome. Currently i copy and paste into a online compiler. For scripting languages like python it would make such a big difference, and hopefully shouldn't be too hard to implement.
I think this feature would be incredibly useful, basically what the Cmd+R combination does in Textmate - quickly run your code and show the results.

As an alternative, this could be combined with SSH support to run the code on a remote machine instead of using slow-ish web APIs - this would give the advantage of having third-party libs that are installed on the server available, so one can really test code that is more than just a small snippet.
I'm on the fence with purchasing textastic.

A feature such as this would take me off the fence. :-D

Hello Brenner, I would go for it. With Textastic, iSSH, Dropbox  and a shell account provider that allows dropbox (I'm still looking for one) you have a go anywhere dev environment. I have just flown back from Ethiopia. You cannot get clean water but you can get fast internet !