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Actually, I guess since an entire new app instance is launched instead of opening in the same instance, we can just quit that instance with Cmd+Q instead of Cmd+W, and achieve the desired results., and not affect any other open documents.

The only issue with this solution is that Textastic does not actually close when the tab is closed, only when the entire app is quit. This makes that particular workflow unsuitable for git commit messages or similar.

Is there any update on this? If there's some reason this won't or can't be completed right now, is there any way we could get a menu item or keyboard shortcut to toggle this setting? It would at least make dealing with different types of indentation easier than having to go into preferences to change the setting.

Another vote for this. YAML requires spaces to be used as indentation, meaning I have to toggle my "Soft Tabs" setting when working in YAML documents, then back again.

This was fixed in the latest update. Thanks!

I can also confirm that Textastic still crashes when Command+W is pressed with no tabs open.

Additionally, after re-installing, holding Command+W still produced a crash, but only seemed to cause unexpected full-screen behavior (a new, blank desktop would be created each time the full-screen button was pressed, but the app would not actually go into full-screen mode until I quit and opened it again) when attempting to reopen the app.