File type-specific indentation settings

mxey 11 years ago updated by MPLewis 7 years ago 4

Different programming languages have different established coding styles. Ruby is intended with 2 spaces, Python with 4 spaces, Go with tabs. 

At the moment, Textastic only supports one global setting for indentation. File-type specific settings would be useful.

Makefiles require tabs as well.

Another vote for this. YAML requires spaces to be used as indentation, meaning I have to toggle my "Soft Tabs" setting when working in YAML documents, then back again.

Same here. I use spaces in JavaScript source files, but tabs in Go. Would be nice if this was handled automatically as its easy to forget. This is one of two blockers preventing me from switching to Textastic (second to symlinked folders not being followed in the sidebar; bug already filed). If not for those two things, I could see myself switching from BBEdit.

Is there any update on this? If there's some reason this won't or can't be completed right now, is there any way we could get a menu item or keyboard shortcut to toggle this setting? It would at least make dealing with different types of indentation easier than having to go into preferences to change the setting.