Textastic crashes when closing all tabs with held Command+W

MPLewis 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 3

I had about 10 tabs of open, saved documents, and was closing them all out to move on to something else. I held Command+W down, and accidentally held it down past when all of the tabs were closed. Textastic crashed, and, when I tried to reopen it, OS X's "Verifying..." window came up briefly, indicating that the application's signature had changed somehow. I have Gatekeeper disabled, but I still had to re-install Textastic from the App Store to get it to open again.

Additionally, after re-installing, holding Command+W still produced a crash, but only seemed to cause unexpected full-screen behavior (a new, blank desktop would be created each time the full-screen button was pressed, but the app would not actually go into full-screen mode until I quit and opened it again) when attempting to reopen the app.

I can also confirm that Textastic still crashes when Command+W is pressed with no tabs open.

This was fixed in the latest update. Thanks!