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Amazing!  You and your app rock!  Keep up the good work
Yeah i tried that.  You can only hardlink a file not a directory.  Oh well... If I come up with a solution ill be sure to let you know!


My iPad is jailbroken and running lighttp.  I have a webserver at /var/www 
I want to "ln -s /var/www iPadwww" in the textastic /Documents folder.  The sym link shows up in ifile but its not displayed in the app.  I basically want to be able to edit sites in the app and have the files saved directly to my var/www so i can run my php and sql scripts using my iPads server.  Does this help?
I am able to do it with koder, but textastic is a million times better. Can you look into it? I really need the sym link for my dev environment, but I desperately want to go back to textastic.