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Hi Willmckim,

I finally had more time and got the fountainhead tmlanguage file to work in Textastic on iOS. In the end, I had to *remove* a line in the file to get the parsing to work correctly. It's great to have the 1.1 spec, as I sure make use of it.

Here's a link to the tmBundle with the revised tmLanguage file:

You'll want to grab the themes separately from Fountainhead on GitHub.

I hope that helps!


Okay, quick Fountain related question. The fountain spec has been updated to 1.1, and a new sublime text package (fountainhead) builds upon the old one to implement this new spec.

I made a go at loading the new .tmlanguage file from the Fountainhead package into Textmate to create a new bundle for Textastic, but the the new .tmlanguage file just doesn't work correctly in Textmate. Some syntaxes are getting 'stuck' once implemented. I'm guessing this may be due to difference in how Sublime Text and Textmate are handling regular expressions in the .tmlanguage file.

So, I'm going to keep at it, but my question is this -- as you've ported over one sublime text .tmlanguage file, do you have any hints, like changes in the way regular expressions are handled, between sublime text and textmate/textastic? Or a link to a website that cover this?

Even if not, I'm loving the fountain implementation you have in Textastic. It's the only IOS app that offers customizable syntax highlighting for Fountain, which has made writing on the go so much easier
Yes, full screen with plenty of keyboard shortcuts!  That would be great!
The fountain support is fantastic.  The syntax highlighting is working beautifully on my Mac, iPad, and iPhone.  Many, many, many thanks for taking the time to implement this.

+1 on this for me.  :)  Repackaging a sublime text package may be out of reach at my current level of geekery, so I'm hoping someone else may give a go at this.

As a side note -- many kudos on Textastic speedyness.  It's the *only* text editor with hashtag document navigation that I've found on iOS that doesn't choke on a document of about 150 pages of text.  Why your app is so speedy and all the others are dog slow, I'll never know, but total kudos.  You've done something amazingly right.