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Full screen view

Jonathan Ragan-Kelley 10 years ago updated by Maciek Barczak 2 months ago 14
Given the iPad's limited screen real estate with the landscape keyboard active (doubly do with the extra row of keys Textastic usefully adds), it would be extremely useful to have a view mode which maximized the text editor area as much as possible, in particular by hiding the top bar and leaving only the editor area and keyboard (and black status bar, which of course can't be disabled). This is quite useful in Simplenote and WriteRoom for iOS.
Actually, the status bar can be disabled (games do that usually) and I would probably hide the status bar and the toolbar if I implemented such a mode.

Jeez dude, such basic feature under review for a DECADE? Really? 


a distraction free mode   / fullscreen view would be excellent.  

I dont need the toolbar or status bars all the time and sometimes just want to code.

Couple this with a BTkeyboard shortcut for toggling preview and i'd be in heaven


I am just chiming in that I would also love this option! Especially on the iPhone in landscape! Then it would be very helpful

Yes, full screen with plenty of keyboard shortcuts!  That would be great!

I am using Textastic on iPhone X to read source code and landscape is very broken. There are huge bars on top and bottom that I am unable to hide. Please add full screen mode. 

It sounds like you haven't upgraded to Textastic 6 yet. The new version has support for iPhone X.

I am on 6.4.3. It has full screen support in portrait. The problem is that in landscape there are huge blue bars at the top and bottom. And the actual viewing area is very small because of the bars. Portrait mode is not very good because it is not wide enough to display long lines. In order to improve usability on phones a full screen mode is needed. I am also using tesxtastic on an iPad and it is great there. Please add an option to hide the blue bars or have them hide automatically in landscape on an iPhone. 


If you tap on the editor in landscape on iPhone to bring up the keyboard, the blue bars should already disappear (same as in portrait). Is that not the case for you?


Yes,when the keyboard is shown,the blue bars are not visible,and it ok. The real problem is ,that when you want just to read the code in landscape(so no keyboard needed,because it takes half of the screen), it’s the blue bars which are taking more or less half of the screen,which could be used for code showing .

I’m usually using iPhone for code review when I’m far from computer (I can imagine that this is common use case) .So the fact that in such handy scenario,I can’t have full screen view ,is very frustrating :(


Not on the iPad with the Smart Keyboard connected, it a possible ?


Yes! Please implement a distration free / fullscreen / minimal UI editing mode for iPad too!

With the new tabs bar, the vertical space become not enough for editing in landscape, especially when using the on screen keyboard...