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I would also love to see this feature.

This is somewhat related: I prefer to have a copy of my code (physics simulation) on my ipad in case I want to look something up. I have a folder on a sftp-Server which contains a clean checkout of the git repository. While I can easily download the whole folder with textastic is there a convenient way to update it? I don't need an automatic update I just do not want to have to download the newest version of every single file but let textastic updated all the files in the folder with the latest version from the server. So basically it comes down to the quick download for a folder.

Occasionally I do updates on my ipad but I can take care of the uploading myself.

BTW: Is there a way to exclude some files when downloading a whole folder? I don't need the .git/ on my iPad.

That would really be great. The SFTP support is one of the features I really need and love in the iPad version.

I would also like to have this feature. I like to have the source code of my projects which I compile on a build server on my iPad. But downloading the whole folder also downloads all the .o and other stuff I don't nedd.