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Be able to ignore dot files

Noel Rappin 14 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 11 years ago 6 1 duplicate
It would be nice to have the option of ignoring dot files (like the .git directory) when downloading an entire directory.
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Good idea. Should this be an options in the global settings? I'm just not sure where this option should go.
global settings are fine
but please let the user enter file extensions on their own. (not just having a few with an on/off switch).
it would be cool, if it could not only ignore some filetypes, but also files ending on @2x.png or -hd.png, cause sometimes you still want the images, but you don't need it in 100 different versions.
To add on to this idea a bit: It would be nice to have a general "ignore list". Similar to the way you can define files to ignore in SVN or Git. This way when downloading a folder I could have it ignore files I don't need. For example:

and so on...

I would also like to have this feature. I like to have the source code of my projects which I compile on a build server on my iPad. But downloading the whole folder also downloads all the .o and other stuff I don't nedd.

this would increase speed, save space on the ipad, and be more green in general.

perhaps it could be in a performance section of preferences, or "mobile performance" as it would be most useful on the ipad/iphone, many full Mac install users would not care or prefer to have all the files.

"ignored files"

"ignored filetypes (Global)" 

maybe an "Other" or "Experimental" tab for features that have no home yet.

ill think more on this, but good idea.

For PHP applications running on Apache, there are .htaccess files which can be used multiple times in an application to grant or deny access to various folders. So an ignore list is really a necessity. In some cases, these files are also used to enable or disable php.ini settings. Thus, they can in some circumstances be a vital part of an application.