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Search/Find in files

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Allow some method for searching in all files in a folder

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For me this is my top most wanted feature. My main use for Textastic is to pull in nested folders of C++ (our main library codebase) for browsing and looking things up. Being able to search for a function name across all those files is one of the main things I need to do.
I see. This would indeed be pretty nice to have. I don't know if I can have the same kind of incremental visual search I have for searching in a single file due to memory constraints though.
Consider how Sublime just puts some Grep-like output in a new buffer. Basically we just need some ability for this even if it isn't as pretty as the regular search UI.
yes! would be an essential feature for each coder which is reviewing bigger projects!
I am using certain text strings as placeholders in documents I have to work with. Right now, the app does highlight the these within the document which is excellent. But first I would have to find the documents I have to work with. Typically there are 50-100 in one folder. Such a fuction as suggested would be quite useful.
This is indeed the most needed function for anyone working on a set of documents.
I'm a developer and I'd really love to have the whole API of a large commercial application for reference when on the go.
I have my iPad always with me and Textastic is perfect for me. The only missing and very important feature is ability to search within multiple documents in multiple (sub)directories. Support for regular expressions is welcomed, but even simplified versions of regexp wiould be enough for the beginning.
Thank you for your work!
The incremental search as implemented for single file is indeed very nice, but in case of multiple files I believe more useful would be just list of files, where searched string was found (including figure indicating number of occurances for each file). The search within individual files will come into play after user clicks one of the files in the result list. User should be able to go through all the occurances of searched string easily.
This is all the requiments I have.
Thanks for your detailed description.

I think I may have requested this elsewhere, but FWIW, ditto this request. For now, I'm living without it by either (1) syncing files with my laptop and multi-file searching in BBEdit or (2) multi-post searching in one of my Wordpress sites. Tedious. Aside from this occasional need, I'm *very* pleased that I've come to maintain all my sites using Textastic! Great app.

This is a must. Without it working with more than one source file is impossible. Working with code off line is 90% searching. 
In OS X, ag is my favourite. If ag is integrated with Textastic, that's game changing for me!!

I was just trying to figure out how to do this on my iPad Pro. I was shocked to discover that this isn't already a basic feature. For me, project-wide text search is what separates an IDE from a mere editor. Even Coda for iOS doesn't support this yet. Please make this a priority. It's the difference between using iOS for casual edits or serious work

Hard to believe any modern multi-file editor doesn't have this kind of capability. Please do consider adding it

As I use Textastic with more and larger projects, I find I’m missing search in files more and more. As others have mentioned, a simple ‘spit out a text file with line-number links’ like Sublime does would be a huge benefit. By opening one file at a time and extracting the matches there shouldn’t be a memory issue, and even if it takes a while searching large projects this way, I don’t think you’d hear anyone complain!

I totally agree. I have looked high and low for a iOS text editor that allows this, in particular regex searching. It would be a game changer.


Regex search and replace across files would be epic. No app in the iOS App Store or the Google Play store has this and many desktop text editors skip this very powerful feature.

With regex search and replace you can change formatting, function names, variable names, strip white space, etc from multiple files at once. This is literally the number one use case for computers - eliminating repetitive tasks.

I just ran a search replace manually on 114 files.... ugggh. And sometimes there are more. Please help us Obi wan, you are our only hope!

Totally agree. Dringend have this feature but it will be great to have it in Textastic.

This is the ONE killer feature missing from Textastic, IMHO. It’s such a fantastic app, but I often find myself wanting to grep across all the files in a folder (and descendants).

I would agree with other posters here, I need this feature the most. I need to be able to do a regex search across all of my files.