More Powerful Completion and Closing

Caleb Grove 10 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 10 years ago 1

I would love to see more powerful code completion.

For example, in HTML mode, when I type <div> it should automagically insert a </div> and place my cursor between them.

In CSS, it would be super if when I type a colon it would complete that with a semicolon. Or, when I type a curly bracket, it entered a closing bracket.

Or, when I'm writing Markdown it completed [ with []() and placed my cursor inside the square brackets, much like Mou does.


Alexander, let me know if I should post this as a new suggestion, but could we also autocomplete html tags around a selection

E.g. Highlight a sentence and right-click to enter a tag, say <p> and it inserts <p></p> around that selection. 

Would be even more time-saving if the act of selecting a sentence with the right mouse button did this. Would save all kinds of time in making lists, etc.