iCloud AsciiDoc files greyed out after asciidoc.tmbundle installed, no preview

Alexy Khrabrov 9 years ago in iPhone updated 9 years ago 2

I've followed the instructions in Makzan's blog and can create a local .asc file without a problem. However, when I want to open a .asc or .asciidoc file from an iCloud, they are greyed out, while adjacent .html and .json files are opening fine. Also, for the local files, preview does not render AsciiDoc really. What's special about iCloud and how do we enable the review?


Despite installing the bundle, the .asc file extension is not know to iOS, so "Open in" or the document picker cannot work for this file extension. You need to either copy the file directly into Textastic's iCloud Drive folder and use "iCloud" below "Local Files" in Textastic to open it, or use other means like Dropbox or FTP to download the file to Textastic.

The preview only supports HTML, JavaScript, CSS and Markdown.


Good to know about iCloud quirks. What would it take to do an AsciiDoc preview? E.g. Atom has it...