Ask the user for password when connecting to an (S)FTP server instead of saving it in the connection's settings

Alexander Blach (Developer) 13 years ago updated 5 years ago 7 1 duplicate
For security reasons, some people don't want to save passwords for connections on their mobile device.

Instead, Textastic should present the user with a login dialog to enter user name and password when it is first trying to connect to a server.
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+1, that would be great.

Took me a good 10 minutes to figure out why Textstatic kept reporting "Login failed" when I had left the password field empty in the SFTP (SSH) Connection settings. Since the field is labeled as "Optional", I figured the app would ask me for the password upon establishing connection (I am used to this behavior in GoodReader). I would really feel more comfortable if I didn't have to store any password on my iPad, in case it gets stolen.

It's optional because if you leave it empty it will try an anonymous login, for example for public ftp servers.
Sorry Alexander, I meant my "Password" field is left blank, but the "Username" field is definitely not, and it's neither "anonymous", "anon", etc.

I have to be honest I didn't know there were still anonymous FTP around these days, they were legions back in the 90s, but for security reasons I thought most people had switched to something less risky (we closed them at work a while ago). My gut feeling is that if the connection is something like SFTP through SSH, *and* the username is not left blank, asking for the password would be great. The user could then just hit "OK" to leave it blank if the password is, indeed, meant to be empty. Makes me a bit nervous to leave that SSH password on the iPad since it can be used to access customer data, or my own; I know about the application-wide password lock, but that means now I'm leaving *two* passwords on the iPad :)

I would like to be able to enter username and password each time as well, but for a slightly different reason.  I run a classroom of ipads for students to login to their accounts.  I'm looking for the right ftp/text editor for these ipads. By leaving out username and password for a server account, students can then supply their particular username and password.  Without that option, I have to create a separate login for each and every student -- even though they are all logging into the same server.  It also means (since under the current system username and password are entered) that any student can login to any other student's account.

The app that can do this will certainly get my (multiple copy purchase) vote
Appreciate your consideration.
Thanks, that's an interesting point.

The option of specifying a password at login is also integral if you are connecting to a server that requires a changing token authentication system ( e.g. RSASecurID ). The app might also have to be modified to have an option to maintain a single persistent connection to the server; instead of opening & closing connections as needed.


Textastic 8 will have an option to ask for the password when connecting to (S)FTP servers.