App did not respect setting for Location based services

Michael Staatz 12 years ago in iPad updated 12 years ago 5


on iPad, when I start local preview of a file then the sign for localizing appears in the top.

When I start safari or other apps that have a local preview mode that would not happen.



Textastic doesn't use any location services. Are you requesting the location in a HTML page that you're previewing in the local preview? Which settings are you refering to? Can you please give me more details?

I have tried the jQuery Mobile Demo with local preview, have a Look at the indicator on the right.

Here a Screen from my Settings

I just tried it myself and for me the jquery mobile demo with local preview does not access any location information. There is no location symbol displayed in the status bar for me when I open the jquery mobile 1.2.0 demo in the local preview.

Please check that location isn't accessed by another app that is running in the background instead. You should see such a symbol near apps which accessed the location information in the "Ortungsdienste" settings list (as explained below that list).

If Textastic accessed location services, it would be shown as a separate app entry in the settings app. Also, iOS would ask the user if it would like to allow access to the location when it first tried to access location information.

I'm pretty sure that there's another app that accesses your location in the background.


thanks for that fast response! 

There was no app running in the background, I have checked this first and I know that apps are listed in "Ortungsdienste". I checked this for Safari and Textastic. I also know that apps ask for permission to use location based service.

So... what I tried.... I turned back my iPad to "Werkseinstellungen" and switched it on and off.

sorry for not trying that first... Now it works as expected!

best, and thanks again