More key sets / configure additional keys

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Add more key sets and the ability to switch between them easily:

Outline key set:
- Add item (inserts new line and "- " at current tab level)
- Mark item complete (changes "-" to "X")
- Indent selected items (adds one tab level to currently-selected lines)
- Unindent selected items (removes one tab level on currently-selected lines)

C# key set:
- Change < > / \ keys to more commonly-used C# keys (; = | &)

Multiple key set pages:
- Change the left-most key to show the next key set page
- Allow multiple key set pages to be displayed on top of the keyboard in portrait mode

Customizable key set:
- Allow the user to determine which keys to display


Textastic 4.0 will have a new row of additional keys that allows you to enter all available special characters by swiping over them. This eliminates the need for configurable buttons.
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Thanks a lot for the detailed description! It is certainly a very good idea to offer some predefined key sets and allow to people to create their own.
An outline key set would be great!

Also multiple, user-defined, key sets. But I, personally, like the tab key as the left-most key, just like on a regular keyboard. There are not many apps in the AppStore, which have this, or only a few I've found. So this is great.

I would suggest not to build some already predefined key sets, just give the user the ability to build their own. Every user has its own preferred keys, he wants to use.
I meant "right-most" key to display the next key set page. Tab should always be left-most.

Having customizable key sets would be the ultimate, but the interface for doing so may be too time-consuming for now. Selecting a different key set from the configuration view would be a good first-pass.
I really like the idea of user-defined key sets. For instance, I could really use: " : ' # for python.
I need c# specific keys like (){}[]"':;-_'|&
If the shift key could be used to double use the extra row ... ?
My ideal extra row would be:
SHIFTED {}<>:"_+&|
NORMAL []();'-=/\
And the TAB key to the left.
I would love a cursor cluster, left, right, up, down.

Love the App.
Same with me: It would be very nice to have the ' ; ' in a position next to the braces. Maybe a quick character count of a common source file for each supported source code type would give a hint which characters are used more offen and should be placed more visible.
I could imagine that this could even be done dynamically while editing a file.

Keep up the good work!

Arrow keys (left, right, up, down) for cursor positioning PLEASE!
Yes, cursor positioning would very helpful. Having to use the touch screen for frequent cursor positioning slows down the use of this great app. iA Writer app has a pretty good implementation for moving the cursor around and I would like to see something like that for textastic.
Ok. I'll see what I can do.
Thank you for cursor-block keyboard. If possible, maybe you implement for additional row "shift" version.It's help implement "normal" keyboard - like on add-row have numbers with other keys, and if press key with "shift" we have special char. this is very usefull feature.
Cursor keys woul be a great improvement (left, right, maybe even word-left and word-right; next/previous paragraph)
i love the way nebulous Notes implemented acditional keys: you can define macros and Labels for the keys that insert the macro - not limited to single charcters. The macro can be several lines long and can "wrap around" the selction or the cursor position. I would love to have that feature in Textastic
I also like the configurability of the Nebulous macros, but is it possible to slide the row of keys in case I have more than what can fit on the screen?
Just add the '=' sign to the web set..
Yes please! This is one of my most used characters and it's unfortunately and inconveniently buried deep in the iPad keyboard. Phenomenal app by the way, everything I was looking for and more.
Cutomisable would be great. I mainly use Pascal so would like ; = : '
I'd like the equals sign (=) and hash mark (#) in particular, since they are two levels deep in the software keyboard. The parentheses and quotes are on the first level of the symbol keyboard, so either of those could be replaced with the equals and hash mark and it would be an improvement. Thanks!
For the ObjC set, I would add the @ * + = ? & characters in addition to the current set. Maybe you can make the buttons a little smaller to fit them all.

Btw, great app!
Add custom keys and I'll buy it the same day. Work with asp and need <%. And %>
Can't you let us define custom keys in the app? So everyone could make his own needed keyset. I would like to have some more php keys $ and = would be very nic
I'd like to see a keyboard for markdown files, i.e the typical / most common markup codes (#, %, *, _), plus eventually cursor keys ?
Yes, custom keys and cursor keys would be fantastic. Ability to configure the additional keys for multiple keystrokes like != := <% %> <? /> etc. would be helpfull too. If custom isn't an option, coldfusion should have the # key added. Love this app!
Under review
I've added some more keys to the row above the standard keyboard in Textastic 2.1. Notably, the "=" character was missing for HTML editing. You can now scroll this row horizontally.

I'm considering to make this configurable in a future update.
Advertise the fact that the row of special keys (top of keyboard) is a horizontal scroller. It was only due to reading through the feedback here that I found that.

- Minimally provide that info in the the online manual (which I did read straight-away), in a section of tips/tricks/shortcuts. Additionally you might also mention that and other non-obvious features in the GettingStarted doc.

Good idea. I will add this information. Right now it is only mentioned in the update information on the App Store and here.
The scrolling key row is awesome.  Another idea may be to do like most of the remote PC connection apps (team viewer, iTeleport, et cetera) where there is an entire custom keyboard for arrows, home, end, macro keys, and so on.  A lot of keys wouldn't be needed in Textastic like the F keys, Alt, Ctrl, windows, and the apple keys, but could be useful for the afore mentioned keys.  Just a thought. 
Giving the user a say in which custom and the order of the custom keys appear is a must! +5
I have a physical bluetooth kekyboard. There should be a `select all` hotkey. Also as mentioned, indent left/right adds/remove tab to beginning of line

You can use Cmd+A to select all text. Also, Cmd+C copies text and Cmd+V pastes text. These are standard iOS shortcuts.

You can select text using Shift and the cursor keys.

I found an article that lists some more iPad keyboard shortcuts: http://gigaom.com/apple/ipad-keyboard-shortcuts/

Option + Left/Right Arrow jumps by word, combined with Shift to select text = extremely useful in OOP

Suggestion for line indentation:
Cmd + >   add tab to beginning on line
Cmd + <   remove whitespace character from beginning of line
I've added an entry to the manual: http://www.textasticapp.com/manual/lessons/Which_keyboard_shortcuts_can_I_use_with_an_external_hardware_keyboard.html

Unfortunately, it's not possible to add custom shortcuts like Cmd + > due to restrictions of iOS.
Great app, just need ; and % at the top for aspx and c#. to get a % it's three taps and I use em often very painful. ; is two taps :(
Hello, "%" and ";" are actually in the row of additional keys, but you need to scroll the row horizontally to get to them.
Hi Alex, agh your right !! I retract my previous statement. Top app Thanks!!
I would love the ability to reorder the quick key bar, or set up different quick key bars for different languages. Heck, the option of having a second quick key bar would be welcome, too - for times when it's just not prudent or possible to use a keyboard.
Evidement, en fonction de ses besoins et de son langage, on a envie de laisser — ou organiser — les touches addaitionnelles avec des sets qui nous conviennent et même d'en créer de spécifiques. Mais là, c'est souvent TextExpander qui rend le service attendu.
Textastic 4.0 will have a new row of additional keys that allows you to enter all available special characters by swiping over them. This eliminates the need for configurable buttons.