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wenninger 13 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago 17 4 duplicates
As Textastic allows for the storage of Server / Dropbox credentials it would be nice to have the option to require a PIN code for starting the app. If your iPad gets stolen the bad guys cannot easily access all your or even worst case your customers' servers.


Added in Textastic 2.2.
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How exactly would you like to see this implemented? Should Textastic ask for a password when tapping on the "globe" button before it shows the remote connections screen?
I think an app wide protection would be more suitable, see apps like iSSH & FTP on the Go, e.g. when you first enter the app, and then when you wake the app from the background (on multitasking enabled devices).

For an app like this I think security is definitely essential.
PLEASE ASAP!!! Same problem here...
I think that would be the logical place. Having said that though, the connections panel doesn't really give anything away, so where it really counts is before any internet activity.
That would be great!
This would be a helpful option, similar to iSSH. There should be some reasonable inactivity timer attached to this, so that it only kicks in after so many minutes (5/15/30) of inactivity.
I do not understand the need for this option. This option is aready available in the iPad's general settings page and is applyed on iOS level (for all Apps). See: Settings > General > Auto-Lock, Passcode Lock and Restrictions.
Yes, as Eric pointed out, Textastic has potentially sensitive data: some people want to protect the files they have saved in Textastic - the files may contain passwords for mysql databases or code that is under an NDA – other people need to protect the remote connections so that their kids can't delete files from their servers instead of playing games on the family iPad :)

I, too, don't want to protect the whole iPad with a PIN lock but being able to protect sensitive data on an app-by-app basis would be nice.
You are absolutely right, Steven. This is not a barn-burning request, because there are other ways to deal with it. However, some users, like myself, really don't use the global PIN because we share our pads so frequently with family. I use the PIN on my phone, oddly enough, but on the pad it has felt too intrusive on the intimacy of the device. Anyway, it would be nice to be able to lock down the few apps with special access to client systems, and Textastic is now one of those.

So I put this in the "would be nice" category. An option for those who work a little differently on their pads. Obviously, lacking the lock did not stop me from using the app!
Having a master password is a very important feature since I got so many FTP accounts in it. Especially if I lost my iPad or stolen. You can implement something clever like 1Password when app is minimized after a set time. Thanks!
I would love to see this added to. Just entering a pin on loading would work well for my needs.
I plan to implement this today. But, I decided to not limit it to a 4-digit-pin but instead allow passwords of arbitrary length. I'm sure there are enough paranoid people out there who think that 4 digits wouldn't be enough. :)
Added in Textastic 2.2.
I love that this feature is here.  But...I enabled it to test and I guess I forgot it.  I understand any documents within would be lost, but how do I undo having it/reset to defaults?  I tried deleting the app and redownloading it to my ipad but the lock is still there. :(
Hi Aaron,

the password is stored securely in the keychain. Unfortunately, the keychain values are not deleted when the app is deleted from the device. So in the current version of Textastic, there is no way to reset the password. Deleting and reinstalling the app won't work.

This really was an oversight on my part. So, to solve this problem, I plan to release an update for Textastic that detects when the app was started the first time after an uninstall and removes the password in that case. This doesn't make it less secure because all data like connection settings and files will be deleted when you delete the app so there is actually nothing to protect.

If you send me the device id of your iPad, I can provide you with a beta version of Textastic that does what I just described.

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.
Forgot lock password...
Then you have to delete the app and reinstall it. 

Note: All your data and settings in Textastic are lost when you do that.