iPad first gen

Raphael Sauvage 10 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 8 years ago 3
I bought this great software for my first gen iPad, and now I can't use it anymore. any chance of reporting a version that works on iOS 5?
The current version of Textastic requires iOS 7, but you can still download the latest compatible version from the App Store.

Please have a look at this Apple support article: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht5919

This doesn't seem to work anymore. I just tried it after downloading Textastic version 6.2 hoping I'd be able to download the last compatible version as described above but there's no longer an option to download the latest compatible version on my first gen ipad running ios 5.1.1.

This was possible with Textastic 5.3.1 and earlier, but since I released Textastic 6 as a new app, it doesn't allow you to download versions earlier than Textastic 6.0, so it only works with iOS 9 and later.