How to do cursor navigation in SSH Terminal on iPhone?

Texited 10 months ago in iPhone updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 10 months ago 3

Hi! Great app!

I love using mc (midnight commander) in my terminal.

Is there any way to press and hold a cursor to navigate through the files.

With help of the "ESC / Cursor" Buttom i'm ony able to do one cursor movement at a time.

Unfortunatelly I found nothing in the manual about that.

The Navigation Wheel is iPad/Editor only!?


Thx, would be a nice feature.

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currently, on iPhone, you can only use the ESC/Cursor button you already discovered. I'll consider adding better cursor movement in a future update.

... just as a hit:

The Termius iOS APP has a nice solution regarding the cursor navigationen within a shell.

You just have to swipe up and down / left and right on the terminal screen.

And by the way double-tab on the screen is "TAB" e.g. for command completion.

But I don't know if this fits into your overall UI/UX concept.

Thanks a lot, I'll take a look!