support for javascript es2021

Anthony Pace 1 year ago in iPad 0

I would be really really useful to have the keywords updated, and absolutely lovely to have it go several symbols deep.

e.g. if I type document.get

I am given getElementById(), which is great.  But, if I type:

var c = document.getElementById("canvas");
var ctx = c.get

it would be extremely useful to have it give me the suggestion for:


Now, that would just be a simple keyword update, and it would be extremely helpful to me to have all the updated keywords for get___ and object types such as Uint32Array

Not having these is a complete pain.

If you have a file with keywords, that you could send me, to allow me to do a custom update, I would do it, to save myself tons of time while coding.

Otherwise, if there is already a package or file with updated definitions that exists already, and you can provide instructions to update textastic so I could use it on my IPAD, it would be extremely helpful and appreciated.