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Why is it so hard to console.log JS projects?

os512 1 year ago in iPad updated 1 year ago 2

I bought the Textastic app for IPad years ago. Actually, I don't use it because of the fact, that I have to do at least 3 touches to get to the output of the console.log:

1. I'm in a JS file and want to console.log something

2. I need to change the focus of the editor to a HTML file embedding the JS file to do so

3. I have to touch the glasses icon on the right top to get to a browser view

4. I have to touch the console icon on the left top to finally see the output.

Not only that this is so tedious, but also unintuitive since you always jump from one area to another one of the app during the whole process. It feels like I have to get me through the whole process just like I never did it before, because my eyes always need to scan, where exactly I have to land my finger touches on the screen..just as if I'm doing it the first time..again and again.

I really like the overall concept of the app, but developing / debugging JS projects is due to this issue a bit pita for me. Why is this so complicated to get the console at hands in Textastic? 

Please, consider to make the developing / debugging process more convenient for JS devs by move the console view to a place in the editor just one click away. This would make Textastic the best code editor choice on iOS..at least for me :)

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Step 2 is not needed. You can open the preview while the JS file is active and enter the path of the HTML file that references the JS file in the address bar of the preview window. Textastic will remember the path you entered.

This is explained in the manual at https://www.textasticapp.com/v9/manual/viewing_editing_files/web_preview.html:

By default, tapping on the web preview button will show a preview of the file currently open in the editor. 

If you want to view another local file, you can enter a different local file path in the address bar.

Textastic will remember the local path and remote URL you enter for each file and restore it the next time you open the web preview for that file.To reset the local path or remote URL, tap on the address bar, clear the contents of the address bar using the gray X button and press Go or Return on the keyboard.

Thank you, for the fast response. Not a perfect solution, but this is helping a lot :)