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tailscale ssh connection not working,

swissgrammie 1 year ago in iPad updated by Doug Rockney 8 months ago 5

so i want to attach to my server running tailscale, I have tailscale vpn running on the ipad and on the ubuntu server. i can do this from a terminal app. just by giving the ip address and the user. It comes back on the terminal app to tell me that i need to authenticate using an httplink. With textastic i just get the following error message in the terminal window.

ERROR: Failure requesting shell:

I realise this is quite specific so hoping its something you have hit before with vpn or if there is something else i can try?

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unfortunately I'm not familiar with Tailscale. Is there an easy way for me to setup such an SSH environment for testing purposes?

Currently Textastic supports password, password interactive and public key authentication. Multi-factor authentication or authentication with an http link as you are describing is not yet supported, but I'm willing to look into it.


Thanks for thenprompt response and sorry for my delay.I tried to see how I could open up Tailscale to you but it requires that you create a Tailscale account and install it on your box  to do it, so I will just use a private key file, which I know will work. If you do want to investigate i am happy to give you access to my ubuntu box via Tailscale to try it out but it’s not a requirement for me.



For those having this same issue and are looking to get working again quickly - once you disable the Tailscale SSH listener and use the native one, it should start working again. At least, it did for me. This, of course, assumes you have the rights to disable it...

Note that Tailscale's SSH service is still in beta. As it mentions in the doc:

Run tailscale up on the device with --ssh=false to disable Tailscale SSH:

tailscale up --ssh=false

Thank you, this work around works, but i would really like to turn off ssh on my public ip address, but i know the tailscale  approach is not usual (yet).

Totally agree with you - I'd like to be able to use the Tailscale SSH offering!