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Adding new language definition file

Michael Monto 2 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 2 years ago 1

I use Textastic to draft Batari Basic files.  Batari Basic is a coding language written as a high level language that converts to assembly language and finally converts to binary to be run on an Atari 2600.  Is there a way to customize Textastic with a word list of Batari Basic commands?  I've spend about 2 weeks trying to understand the customization instructions for Textastic with Sublime Text 3, .tmbundle packages, and .tmTheme files, but i just don't get it.  Is there a better step-by-step tutorial you know of that can help me?

Thank you!

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I can only point you to the Sublime Text documentation on syntax definitions at https://www.sublimetext.com/docs/syntax.html 

Please note that Textastic only supports the features of Sublime Text 3.0 syntax definitions, not later ones.

Maybe you can find a TextMate 1 bundle or Sublime Text 3 package of a language that is similar to Batari Basic and modify it?