Tmbundle not loading (racket lisp)

KenMax 2 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 2 years ago 3

I have a local Textastic folder, which shows the special icons. I have a folder “racket.tmbundle” in that folder, but it appears to be ignored by Textastic. The bundle is from https://github.com/nitaigao/racket-tmbundle, which I assume is Textastic 1, as it is old and makes no mention of Textastic 2. I have also successfully loaded it into the macOS version of Textastic, so the I only have an issue with the iPad version and the bundle. Am I missing something, or is this a bug?

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how did you download the TextMate bundle from GitHub?

Please try the following:

  • go to https://github.com/nitaigao/racket-tmbundle in Safari on your iPad
  • tap the green "Code" button and select "Download ZIP"
  • Unzip the file in the Files app
  • Copy the folder "racket-tmbundle-master" to "On my iPad/Textastic/#Textastic/"
  • In Textastic, rename the folder to "racket.tmbundle"
  • Go to Textastic's Settings -> Other and tap "Reload Customizations"

Now "Racket" should be listed in File Properties -> Syntax Definition after opening a file.


Problem solved. That is almost exactly what I had done, except for the File Properties step. The files still came up as plain text, but I could link it to racket in the file properties. Now all racket files come up highlighted correctly.

Many thanks.