Reorder Tabs

tmslayton 2 years ago in iPad updated 4 months ago 6

It would be great to be able to use the mouse on the iPad Pro to reorder the tabs. I usually have about four + files open and usually I have main files in tab 1 & 2. To get them in the order that I am used to working on them each day I close all of the files and re-open them. It would be nice to just drag and drop the tabs in the order that I like to use them.

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Yes, you are right. Currently the drag interaction of a tab (which can be used to create a new window from the tab) interferes with the reorder gesture when using a mouse or trackpad. So this means that reordering tabs currently only works when using your finger to drag tabs.

I'll see what I can do to make it work. 


Thanks Alexander! Actually, I didn’t know that I could use my finger to move the tabs LOL! It’s iPad right :). That is a good work around for me for now thanks for making it work with the mouse/trackpad someday.



Maybe this should be changed from “Planned” :)


Yeah, this was fixed in Textastic 10.

It has and is great, thank you!