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Don't lose line focus after preview

Hector Centeno 2 years ago in iPad updated by Anthony Pace 1 year ago 2

I’m working on an HTML file, after changins some code, I preview the document, this works fine. But when I return to the editor, my cursos is lost, and the code editor has no focus, I have to tab the screen to regain coding abilities.

It't would be greate, if atfer openning the preview and close it, I could jus't keep coding.

My setup:


External bluetooth keyboard

Under review


I cannot reproduce this problem with Textastic 9.8.4 on iPadOS 15.4.

I tried showing the web preview by tapping on the "glasses" icon and by using the Cmd-Option-P shortcut. When I press the "Done" button or enter Cmd-Option-P again, the preview is dismissed and the editor has focus again.

Maybe a short screen recording video would help me see what's going on?

This happens to me when editing files on a server.  Loading the update of the file makes me lose my place.