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Top row of on-screen keyboard fails to work when typing fast

Mark 2 years ago in iPad updated 2 years ago 2

This is a fantastic app - thank you so much!

There is a bug that drives me mad, though, and it would be great if there were a fix. On my iPad, if I tap any key in the "normal" part of the keyboard (e.g. any letter), and then very quickly tap a key in the top row (e.g. " or '), then the second key tap doesn't insert the character, but instead the cursor jumps to where I just tapped, as if the top row of the keyboard has disappeared (though it hasn’t). This makes touch-typing with the on-screen keyboard extremely difficult, as key presses are missed and the cursor jumps around.

This bug is 100% repeatable for me, and happens in portrait and landscape (though it's much easier to see the issue in portrait). Load a document that is longer than one screen height and make sure it goes beyond the bottom of the screen, and type, say, f, quickly followed by “ in the top row. You should see the cursor jump to the position under the “ key, and without entering the “ character.

I’m on a standard iPad (5th gen) and iOS 15.1, but this has been happening since a bought Textastic a couple of years ago.

If you can repeat this issue, it would be wonderful to fix it.

Under review

I can reproduce the issue on my iPad.

Thanks a lot for reporting this issue. This is the first time I hear about it.

It almost looks like the iOS system keyboard disables my custom inputAccessoryView for a short moment after entering a key.

I'll try to find out what's going on and hope that I can find a workaround.

Thank you Alexander, I'm glad it's repeatable. Here's hoping you can find a solution, as it would make fast typing much easier!

Thank you for such a great product - especially now we can search in files! That's brilliant. :-)