My wishlist

Doug Dyer 3 years ago in iPad 0

Textastic is a must have app for anyone programming on an iPad which IMO is becooming a more widely used device for coding! I use Textastic just about daily for coding in javascript. I appreciate the opportunity here to re-iterate my two wish list items .

1. Enhancements to the symbol/ labels list to facilitate easy navigation in the code. For example being able to select three or more functions in the code that you can jump back and forth to to make trouble shooting easier. Maybe "pinning" them to the top of the list with the capability of tapping on each one to quickly go to that section of the code. Very useful for JavaScript's  multiple functions. Jump to line option in iOS native keyboard or by tapping the line numbers icon at the top of the Textastic tool bar would also be very helpful. (This is already available using an external keyboard 

2. Ready access to the Read Only switch on the visible tool bar, without having to dig deep in settings to make the switch. For those of us who 'fall asleep' while coding in the middle of the night, this would help prevent inadvertant un-intentional 'additions' to the code that can take hours to slueth out in trouble shooting why the code doesn't work anymore!

Alexander ddeserves many kudos and congrats for developing and continually updating the best code editor and IDE for programming on iOS. Well done and THANK YOU

Doug Dyer Victoria BC