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Golang completion & code formatting on iPad version

Nicolas_d 4 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 4 years ago 1

Hi !

I just bought Textastic code editor 9 for my iPad Pro and I’m facing a major issue at the moment. 

Looks like code coloration is working for my Golang files, but I do not manage to get any kind of completion & code formatting. Am I missing something ? 

All the other features (ssh & file syncing) work like a charm ! If I could get a deeper Golang integration, I could use this app on a daily basis for developing while on the road. 

Thanks for your future support :)

Under review


currently, only syntax highlighting is supported for Go.

It's possible to add custom code completion files. You can find the existing code completion files for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C, Objective-C and PHP at https://github.com/blach/Textastic-Customization/tree/master/CodeCompletion