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App crashes

benjamin hiebler 4 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 4 years ago 7

When i want to start the App ist crashes


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can you please tell me any details?

What did you do before the crash happened? On which device model is this? Do you have any custom syntax definitions or themes installed?

You can try to go to the Settings app -> Textastic and check "Reset Recent Files" and then try to start the app. This will clear the list of recent files and prevent the restoration of opened files.

I'd also try a reboot of the device if this doesn't help.

Tried to delete the app but nothing works.. 

dont have any extras installed 

Ipad pro 2018

Which iPadOS version is installed?

I'm aware of a crash when you have a beta version of iOS 13.4 installed. Installing the release version fixes the problem.

it works thank you 

I'm glad to hear that it works now.