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Automatic Synchronization using Textastic and GoodReader

ALFONSO REYES 4 years ago in iPad updated 4 years ago 4

I have been using Textastic for a while now for mobile coding and Markdown editor with preview.

Slowly, I am migrating my notes out of Evernote to full markdown notes.

It is mind boggling but if you look in the apps market there is no single application that is a good markdown notes manager. 
Textastic would be great if it had synchronization; I have been able to find the upload-download mode which is kind of annoying because you have to do the task manually.

I found kind of best practice so far, unless somebody else has been able to find a sync method in Textastic. It uses GoodReader, another iPad app, and the iPad local folders.

These are steps: 

1. Use GoodReader to synchronize any remote folder to your iPad. In my case I used WebDAV but I have made it work with Google Drive, Dropbox, and SFTP. GoddReadr is the app that keeps the two-way synchronization.
2. Once the connection to the server or remote is on, download the remote folder to a local iPad folder. GR will tell you that folder will be synchronized. Choose "Delete local" and "Remote file" to keep both sides fully synced.

3. Go to Textastic and add a external folder. Point to the iPad local folder that you just synced.

4. Now, you can write/preview your Markdown comfortably, including images because the images were downloaded and work as local.

5. Once your changes were made, locally or remotely, sync your folder using GoodReader.

I know, it seems like many steps, but it does what i wanted: notes synchronization, note editing, and note preview including remote images.

the only thing missing here is that Textastic doesn’t seem to have a method to insert images in Markdown files. But that is a minor pain until the app evolves a little bit further. 

Have you found another way to sync Markdown notes without paying an annual fee?


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Hmm, if you save your Markdown files somewhere in the "iCloud" location in Textastic, files are synced automatically across your devices. Am I missing something? 

See https://www.textasticapp.com/v10/manual/managing_files/local_files_icloud.html#icloud for details.

I forgot to mention that my OS is Ubuntu 18.04. There is no iCloud Drive for Linux.


Secure ShellFish might be an option then. It's a file provider for the Files app that connects to SFTP servers. You can open the folder as an external folder in Textastic and changes to files are uploaded automatically. 


I just tried Secure Shell Fish. Nice app.

It works similarly as a GoodReader at synchronizing entire folders. The great difference in favor of "Secure Shell Fish" is that the synchronization happens automatically, while in GoodReader is on-demand, or manual.

Thanks a lot for sharing.