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Synology Drive

Jan Erik Moström 5 years ago in iPad updated 5 years ago 3

I tried to add a folder from my Synology to Textastic, using Files and the Synology Drive mapp I'm able to browse the files but when I use Textastic nothing happens when I tap on Synology Drive. I'm probably missing something basic but what?

Under review

For this to work on iOS 13, the file provider, in this case the Synology app, needs to add support for opening folders. 

I know that this currently works with iCloud Drive, "On my iPad/iPhone", Working Copy (Git client), and Secure ShellFish (SFTP client). 

File providers that do not yet support this are greyed out when trying to use the "Add External Folder…" command in Textastic.

You should however be able to use the "Open…" command in Textastic to open individual files from Synology Drive.

Thanks, I hope that Synology does that. In the meantime I'll probably use Secure ShellFish as a workaround.