Add File/Folder Path Field

a1534286 5 years ago in iPad 0

Basically what I'm suggesting is that the new file/folder dialog box be modified to have a path field. This field would allow those of us with a keyboard on our iPads to type out the path to the new file relative to the directory we're currently browsing. It also recursively creates all the folders that do not exist in order to create the file/folder. I have to create files quite frequently and having to navigate up and down the folder structure while also having to select whether it is a file or folder and then name it take much longer than it should. If I have to create 25 files and the folders they go in I've just wasted nearly a minute of time just creating the files. Now, that doesn't sound like much but eventually that number grows into hours and days. Never mind the fact that I haven't actually programmed anything yet.