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iOS 13 beta keyboard not working

HobbyCode 5 years ago in iPhone updated 5 years ago 5

The tab key is not working on the keyboard on the screen

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I cannot reproduce the problem on my 11" iPad Pro running iOS 13 beta 3.

Pressing the tab key works on the on-screen keyboard itself and in the additional row of keys above the keyboard. It also works for me with an external keyboard.

Does a reboot help? If it doesn't, can you please send me a short video?

Just after sending my reply I think I could reproduce the problem: in landscape, the first three buttons didn't respond anymore for me. Looks like a glitch in the beta that is hopefully fixed in an update.


I'll wait for the next update and let you know if its fixed

I haven't gotten an iOS update yet, but I just connected my Bluetooth keyboard and noticed that the top row of the on screen keyboard doesn't go away while typing. The buttons that didn't work before are working now.