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Unnamed draft files, “hot exit”

fefrei 5 years ago in iPad updated 5 years ago 2

Thanks for making Textastic!

I'm currently missing support for one workflow. On my PC, I use Sublime Text, and I often use it for quick notes, or to prepare text that I'm going to copy-and-paste somewhere else. This is very convenient because of a combination of three simple features or design choices: Sublime Text doesn't ask me for a file name when creating a file, keeping the file in an unnamed-unsaved state. When exiting Sublime Text, these files don't trigger a save prompt, they simply auto-save and a reload on the next launch. And finally, when closing a tab, Sublime Text will prompt to save, but only if there is content – allowing you to close a file where you cut out all content very quickly.

Currently, in Textastic, this feels more cumbersome, starting with creating a new file, which forces me to pick a name. This has resulted in a few files named tmp1, tmp2, … in my local files folder, which is ugly. I'd love a be able to create unnamed temporary files more quickly.

Under review

Yes, I totally understand what you mean. I plan to revamp the "+" button in Textastic to let you create a new, untitled text document.

Would it be ok if this always starts out as a plain text file (you can change the syntax in the File Properties popover) or should there be options for other kinds of files?

My unqualified opinion: For drafts, speed counts, and just having it plain text at first is fine.

If the “+” spawned a dialog that either lets you carefully configure and save the new document, or press a single button to just create a blank unsaved plain text file, I'd be happy with that. (Bonus points for a keyboard shortcut.)