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How to print Markdown output

Peter Anderson 5 years ago in iPad updated by Jon M. 5 years ago 1

Hi! I use Textastic as a MultiMarkdown editor (like BBEdit for iOS).

I understand that printing has not yet been enabled within the app (WHY NOT?).

How do other users get around this annoying problem. There is no point having the best MarkDown editor if you can't print your documents.

I could continue to edit with Textastic and use say ByWord to print but the preview/output looks awful in ByWord. And it's just a bloody nuisance having to switch apps just to print.

Any help or thoughts would be gratefully received.



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you can use the "Preview in Safari" feature to open the Markdown in Safari and print it from there. See https://www.textasticapp.com/v7/manual/viewing_editing_files/web_preview.html#preview-in-safari

In Textastic 8 you'll also be able to print the source code with syntax highlighting.