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Textastic forgets what line I was viewing in a file

joncom 6 years ago in iPhone updated 5 years ago 6

This is mainly an annoyance in large files (which I deal with frequently).

After not using the app for a while, and returning to it, it forgets what line I was viewing (usually in the high 1000's), and instead it reverts to viewing line 1.

It basically happens on a daily basis, and so I'm left flicking my phone 20 times to scroll back to the bottom of my file. :(

Under review

Textastic currently remembers the cursor position, not the scroll position. So if you never move the cursor to the line you scrolled to, it will still be in line 1.

Hi Alexander. Textastic is my most used app on my iPhone. I use it constantly every single day. This bug is very frustrating, because it costs me a lot of time, and I look like an idiot scrolling for 10 seconds each time I want to jot down a quick new entry at the end of the document. Anything I can do to help you narrow down and crush this bug?

I need to look into it.

Here's a trick that might help you in the meantime: as you probably know, you can tap on the status bar once to scroll to the top of the file. You can then tap a second time to scroll to the end of the file.

Did not know that trick. Thank you.

Good to know, but that just means it's forgetting the cursor position then, because I make edits to the bottom of the file, and then it forgets. Incidentally, it seems to be fixed if I disable the "Auto Word Wrap" feature.

I was wrong about "Auto Word Wrap". Textastic frequently forgets my place in the file, whether the feature is on or off.