Does IOS 9 support?

DetlaSSnake 6 years ago in iPhone updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 6 years ago 6

I want to bye, but i'm not sure is it suport ios 9 ? (I dont want to update my ios to latest one. ) 


The current version of Textastic requires iOS 11, but you should be able to purchase Textastic 7 on a device with iOS 11 installed and then attempt to download it from the Purchased tab in the App Store on your iOS 9 device. It should ask you if you want to download the last version that was compatible with your device - Textastic 6.3.2 supported iOS 9. 

I wonder if you're able to provide a link / store option for the older version.

I do not have any devices running iOS11, and the new version of iTunes no longer supports the app store at all.

This effectively means that I cannot get the app at all :o(

What happens when you try to purchase the app in the App Store on iOS 9? 

Appears window refresh to ios 11

The store just says that this device does not support the app - iOS 11 is required.

However, I managed to get it sorted. I used another computer and bought it on there. (It's still running iTunes version 12.6) I've just managed to install it on my iPad, using the download old version feature.

Ok, thanks. I'm glad that you could find a solution.