It does not recoganize my LaTeX file (.tex) in Google drive.

HJ Wang 6 years ago in iPad updated 6 years ago 2

I just bought Textastic for my ipad. I want to use it to edit plain text files, such as LaTeX documents with .tex extensions. My files are in Google drive, and while I can browse to the folder, the files with the .tex extension are grayed out and cannot be selected. What should I do to make .tex file (or any plain text file) recognizable to Textastic?

I assume you are trying to use the "Open…" command to open a file from Google Drive.

Please use the remote transfer screen instead: tap on the "globe" button in Textastic and create a new Google Drive connection. You can then download and upload files using this connection. It also allows you to download whole directory trees.

Great! That solves my problem. Thanks!