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Back to legacy Textastic

Piet Crombach 6 years ago in iPad updated 6 years ago 6

I want my money back. I want back to my legacy Textastic app.

Textastic Pro is buggy. I got A lot of errors opening A folder in Dropbox.

Transfer error.
The operation couldn’t be completed.
(TJDropboxErrorDomain Error 0.)

Under review

Please tap on the circled "i" next to the Dropbox connection and check if it says "Linked". If it isn't linked, please tap on the row to link the connection to your Dropbox account.

Yes, Dropbox is linked. The problem appears on some folders, not all.

Let me tell you I used Textastic very long with much fun and I hope you can fix this problem

Most of the time it happens on www folders in apps. Sometimes this folder is opened. Then the problem accurs on the js folder in the www folder. Maybe it is timing, or the amount of files and subfolders.

I hope this helps.

Ok, I thought you could not connect to Dropbox at all.

I have no reports from other users that there is a general problem like this, so there must be something special about the files in your Dropbox account that causes this problem.

You mention the amount of files. How many files and subfolders do you have in the folder you try to open? Are there maybe any special file names?

It's hard for me to reproduce without additional details.

In folder 'www' I have 1699 items. 8 of them are subfolders. In the subfolder of 'www', folder 'js' has 109 items