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Webdav bug

Нездешний 7 years ago in iPhone updated 6 years ago 3

Textastic don't recognize different accounts on the same webdav server
For example:
User: example@yandex.ru
Password: 123456
User: example2@yandex.ru
Password: 654321
It opens the same account

Tested on Yandex and Cloud.mail.ru webdav servers.

Under review

Do you use two different WebDAV connections in Textastic or did you just change the user name and password in a single connection?

Four different, two Yandex and two Mail.ru

There is also a bug associated with the folder name containing characters like ()! + etc.  This happens when you create/upload a folder on the webdav server. Tested on Yandex, Cloud.Mail.ru and Dropbox via DropDav service