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Textastic adds .txt extension to TaskPaper-Files on edit

jscholtes 7 years ago in iPhone updated 7 years ago 3

when i open a TaskPaper file test.taskpaper via the new ios11 Files App ,

the file is recognized as plain/text and after edit the file is renamed to test.taskpaper.txt.

This is really annoying

Under review

Weird, I'll look into it.

It Looks like it‘s not a Textastic only Problem.

DEVONThink to go sometimes doubles the extension to test.taskpaper.taskpaper :)

The new Files App seems a little buggy.

I use DevonThink on my Mac and iPhone and sync the Database via WebDav.

The sync works fine. 

In Textastic (or some other Editor) i can open files from DT via Locations in the Files App.

When i open a file for the first time any changes are syncedback fine to my Mac.

When i change the file again on my Mac it is synced back to DT on the iPhone and all changes are visible in DevonThink.

But when i open the files in any Editor via the Files App, i get the old Version from the first edit.

It looks like somewhere between the Files App an the Editors the old Version is cached. 

Maybe it is somehow related to the file renaming in the various apps?

When i edit a file both in DevonThink to Go and Textastic reproducible changes get lost between the two apps.

I made a video showing the effect: