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Support OneDrive for Business and/or Sharepoint via WebDAV

rolfgroeneveld 6 years ago in iPad updated by Hexin 5 years ago 7

I just found out that some apps (e.g. Goodreader) allow users to access their OneDrive for Business by inserting the Sharepoint URL in WebDAV. So far I can’t get it to work in Textastic. I get an error message “Error 403”. Am I missing something?

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I don't have a OneDrive for Business account, but error 403 is "Forbidden". It sounds like it doesn't have the correct credentials (user and password).

That's odd, because the user - password combination I use is correct and does work in Goodreader's WebDAV function.

The exact problem occurred to me. I'm using Goodreader to sync PDFs to my iPad via WebDAV and I got Error 403 in Textastic (no matter SSL enabled or not).

My guess is that Office 365 servers don't accept direct username/password exchange. Maybe I'm wrong. I'll try to describe my experience with Goodreader:

1. I add a connection and type in https://*-my.sharepoint.com/personal/myUsername_myInsitutionDomain/Documents, and I leave 'User', 'Password', and 'Domain' blank;

2. I tap 'Sync', and Goodreader will try to open the URL, then in the new pop-up page Office 365 will detect my institution domain and redirect to my institution login page, where I login with my username and password;

3. Goodreader shows the directories and let me choose which folder to sync, and I can choose a sub folder beneath layers;

4. Goodreader saves the cookies so I can reconnect as long as the cookies are not expired. If expired, I need to go through Step 2 again.

Hope this can help and make WebDAV on Textastic work for Office 365. Thanks!

This has broken now in Goodreader 5. Our company portal wont allow access.

Your are correct that the WebDAV in Goodreader 5 is not working for Office 365 OneDrive.

But...here is the twist: the OneDrive option in "Connect - Add Server" now supports Office 365! Before 5 the OneDrive option in Goodreader only supports personal OneDrive account. That's why I used the WebDAV workaround. Now it's not needed anymore.

Our company policy wont allow Sharepoint access using the Onedrive connect option

OK, then... Maybe the net admin at my institution didn't restrict the access option. I'm using the OneDrive sync fine with Goodreader 5, and I hope Textastic can add OneDrive sync besides Dropbox and Google Drive.