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open non-standard files

generalerror 7 years ago in iPad updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 7 years ago 1

Textastic won’t open local files it doesn’t recognize i.e.. something.myext

Is there anyway to change that or would it require an update.

Perhaps a way to define custom file extentions.

Under review

If you use the "Open…" command in Textastic, the iOS document picker is invoked. The document picker only allows you to open text files recognized by the system - for this to work, the file needs to have a file extension known to the system. Otherwise it would be possible to open for example image files or Pages documents which Textastic cannot edit.

If the file is stored in "Local Files" or "iCloud" it is possible to open files with any extension - Textastic checks the file's contents and detects if it is a binary or text file. You can use the built-in clients for (S)FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive and WebDAV to download files into these locations.