Unable to open Working Copy folders in Textastic

Ara Adkins 5 months ago in iPhone • updated 5 months ago 4

The combination of the latest Textastic version (6.4, iOS) and the latest update to Working Copy (3.1.0) it is now impossible to pick folders for inclusion at the top level on iPhone. While it is possible to drag and drop on the iPad, there is no equivalent solution for iPhone.

It's a big workflow damper for making broader changes across repos as the picker in Files can be quite slow in larger repositories (not that this is your issue). 


A prompt and helpful response! I love Textastic. 

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Yes, we currently do not have a solution to open folders from Working Copy in Textastic on iPhone. In one of the betas it was possible to select a folder in the document picker, but they removed that feature. We hope that Apple adds it back in an iOS 11 point release.

I hope that some solution can be found! It’s pretty workflow-breaking at the moment due to the slowness of the Working Copy document picker extension. 

We received a hint from Apple and I added a workaround in Textastic 6.4.1 to open folders on iPhone: 

  • in Textastic, tap "Open…" 
  • navigate to Working Copy 
  • press "Select" in the top toolbar 
  • select a folder  
  • tap "Open" 

Please only use this to open folders from Working Copy. If you try to open other folders - like for example from iCloud Drive, bad things can happen :)

That's working perfectly! Thank you so much for getting onto this so quickly, I really appreciate it.