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Date - time modified is incorrect when viewing files via FTP

Troy Meyers 7 years ago in iPad updated 7 years ago 2

Using Textastic to view files on my macOS Server via FTP displays the date/time modified of the remote files, but the time is miscalculated... for example a file that show Modified 5/26/17 6:16 PM shows as 5/26/17 1:16 AM in iPad Textastic. Odder still, anything with a Modified time of 5 PM or earlier shows with the correct date, but 12:00 AM in Textastic. This is actually why I noticed it, MOST of the files show as 12:00 AM since we usually stop work at 5 PM!!

Is this a known problem?

Under review

Thanks for letting me know. I'll try to reproduce it.

Alexander, thank you for the reply. I wonder if you could take a look at my other post too, no one has offered suggestions yet...