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Won't open .tex files? Ouch!

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Textastic can open and highlight .tex files just fine.

How are you trying to open the file? In case you are trying to open it using the Open… command and Google Drive:

This is a problem when opening files from Google Drive using the "Open…" command in Textastic. This invokes the iOS document picker and uses the Google Drive file provider extension of the Google Drive app. Unfortunately, the Google Drive app has some bugs.  

Instead, please use the remote transfer screen of Textastic: tap on the "globe" button in Textastic and create a new Google Drive connection. You can then download and upload files using this connection. It also allows you to download whole directory trees.  

It's basically the same functionality as for Dropbox, which is explained here:  

You guys have this responding to feedback thing down; thank you for the quick response. Following your advice, I was able to load the file in question and edit on the go. Now, I just need to persuade you to add a full texmf, perl, and Lua…and 4gb later…Just kidding! 

Thanks again for your awesome support!

It's great to hear that it worked out!