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Google Drive file uploading

beaboutclayton 7 years ago in iPhone updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 7 years ago 1

Mostly I have only been programming in C++ and just bought Textastic to look over and edit my code. Only problem is that I cannot access .cpp files. Uploading them into a folder on Google drive is no problem, but accessing them via the app isn't working. I converted some files to .txt and they would work. Let me know if there is a solution.

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this is a problem when opening files from Google Drive using the "Open…" command in Textastic. This invokes the iOS document picker and uses the Google Drive file provider extension of the Google Drive app. Unfortunately, the Google Drive app has some bugs.

Instead, please use the remote transfer screen of Textastic: tap on the "globe" button in Textastic and create a new Google Drive connection. You can then download and upload files using this connection. It also allows you to download whole directory trees.

It's basically the same functionality as for Dropbox, which is explained here: