Textexpander cannot be reached

MrMen 8 years ago in iPad updated 8 years ago 5

In Textastic 6, I cannot update my textexpander snippets. Textexpander is installed, but when I click on "update snippets" nothing happens... is it a known issue ?

I'm using textastic 6 on iPad Air with iOS 10. This issue is not present on my iPhone 6s with iOS 10.

Under review

Yes, unfortunately "Update snippets" is broken in the current App Store version (6.2) on iPad. It is fixed in the current beta version. If you want, I can add you to the beta.

Ok. If you can, I'm interested in being in th beta.

Ok, please send your name and email address to support@textasticapp.com so I can add you.

I'll do it. Thank you for this fast and great answer.